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Robin Blackburn and Gareth Stedman Jones, Louis Althusser And The Struggle For Marxism


Robin Blackburn and Gareth Stedman Jones, Louis Althusser And The Struggle For Marxism

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Any social structure is a product of its previous historical, economic, and social iterations, and these previous forms significantly influence later forms. The present system, in addition to being increasingly repressive, is the logical inheritance of its racist, hierarchical, exploitative past—a reactive formation to attempts to transform, democratize, and socialize it.

For authentic democracy to emerge, “abolition democracy” must be enacted—the abolition of institutions that advance the dominance of any one group over any other.

The idea of abolition democracy comes from a reading of US history in which the freedom struggle is central to who Americans are and to why we are who we are. We are less exemplars of legendary “Founding Fathers” than we are of “founding freedom fighters”—inheritors of those who fought for their freedom, not from a British aristocracy, but from American slavocracy.

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Wait do American people not call their friends mate?? Is this a thing???

Yup. I’m sure some do but mostly people just say friend. Which is boring but whatever.

Wait so you go up to your friends and be like “Hello friend.”

we use names

Lol so true

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there is literally no difference between academic scholars discussing their interpretations of a text and a bunch of people yelling YOUR HEADCANON IS WRONG at each other

As a Masters student I can vouch for this.

The difference is citations.

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